The Phantom Limbs

The Phantom LimbsThe Phantom Limbs were a post-punk/deathrock band formed in Oakland, CA in 1999. The group combined the unusual keyboard-driven compositions of Stevenson Sedgwick with an aggressive, punk-influenced rhythm section and a very odd singer, Loto 'Hopeless' Ball, whose howled lyrics and unpredictable stage behavior quickly gained them an infamous reputation in the SF Bay Area. They were quickly approached by Sam Atakra of the fledgling Atakra records label, which released their first 3-song 7", featuring their seminal "Hot Knives and Hornets." With critical acclaim for their live shows and 7" recordings, the group was approached by Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys and were signed to his seminal label, Alternative Tentacles, on the spot. After seeing the band at 924 Gilman St in Berkeley, he declared them the strangest band that he had ever see there, let alone that the punks actually liked Their debut full-length "Applied Ignorance" was released on Alternative Tentacles in 2001. A US tour followed. 

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The Phantom Limbs - Active Verbs

Chicago Kid's video for the Phantom Limbs "Active Verbs" from the Alternative Tentacles album "Displacement"

The Phantom limbs - Hot Knives and Hornets

The Phantom limbs - Hot Knives and Hornets 2001 from Applied Ignorance.

The Phantom Limbs - Somebody Twisted Your Arm

From their Applied Ignorance album.