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KOTD - Rap Battle - Rone vs Big T

KingOfTheDot - #BO5 - @_Rone vs @BIGTQMB Hosted by: @OrganikHipHop, @GullyTK, & @BishopBrigante #B2B & #MASS PPV's - http://www.KOTDTV.com ...

KOTD - Rap Battle - Conceited vs Dumbfoundead

KingOfTheDot - #BO5 - @ConceitedNYC vs @Dumbfoundead Hosted by: @OrganikHipHop, @GullyTK, @Traphik & @BishopBrigante #Q2 Live PPV ...

RAP BATTLE! (G-Mod Roleplaying)

Internet there comes a time in every mans life where you have to leave the comfort of your four wall and engage in a seedy underworld lifestyle. Today is that day ...