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Grindcore vs Goregrind vs Porngrind/Pornogrind

Another installment of what better than what. This time its the grindcore video. Grindcore has inspired the genres of porngrind, goregrind and deathgrind. On this ...

How to make pornogrind

The ever-talented Grim Jimm teaches you how to start a pornogrind band. I will not answer anymore questions. I will not check out your shit one man band.

Pigto - BUTTOCKS (Pornogrind)

Pigto Album: "Anal Mush (EP)" https://www.dropbox.com/s/vyydyzyg3txc72q/PIGTO%20-%20%282012%29%20ANAL%20MUSH.rar?dl=0 Album: Goregatron ...